The Benefits of Chairs with Heat and Massage During a Long Day at the Clinic

The Benefits of Chairs with Heat and Massage During a Long Day at the Clinic

Keeping patients comfortable and safe during long infusion or oncology treatments is crucial. But it’s paramount that healthcare professionals have the clinical access and ease of use they need, while they strive to create a comforting and reassuring experience for the patient.

Cancer treatment is stressful, but intentional design can help alleviate anxiety. A person-centric approach helps promote better patient outcomes. For these reasons, more and more facility managers are choosing to modernize and humanize their oncology clinic.

Across the industry, medical providers are understanding that comfort is more than nice to have — it may be crucial to oncology patients’ and staff’s well-being. Research continues to show that effective clinical design promotes both greater efficiency and a more restorative experience.

Primary Goals for Oncology & Infusion Seating

Medical seating is an important aspect of patient comfort and safety, particularly in oncology and infusion settings. Infusion patients must remain seated for extended times while receiving medication or fluids through an IV, while oncology patients may require frequent treatments over extended periods.

Comfortable, safe, and properly designed medical seating can improve the overall patient experience and treatment outcomes.

Comfortable treatment chairs can help alleviate the physical discomfort and pain that patients may experience during long periods of sitting. The ideal infusion chairs have ergonomic features that support good posture, reduce pressure points, and promote blood flow. These help the patient remain in place for the treatment’s duration while mitigating the risks of prolonged sitting.

Ideally, infusion and oncology seating also include safety features to prevent falls and other injuries. This is especially important for patients who may be weak or unsteady due to illness or medication.

Chairs That Go Beyond Comfort & Safety

It’s clear that chair safety and comfort are arguably the two most important components when it comes to patient satisfaction, and medical professionals need chairs that allow them to easily and effectively administer treatment.

But patients bravely fighting battles on their recovery journey deserve chairs that go beyond comfort, safety, and accessibility. Science shows that heated massage chairs do more than make a person feel good — they can offer health benefits that might be just what the doctor ordered.

While massage does not treat cancer, an article by VeryWell Health cited several studies showing it may help relieve symptoms of cancer and side-effects of treatment such as pain, fatigue, anxiety, nausea, hot flashes, and sleep disturbances, among others.

As with anything else, it’s important for patients to talk with their oncologist before beginning massage therapy, especially if they’ve had recent surgery, or are being treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

However, most cancer patients tolerate a gentle and relaxing chair massage, which is just enough to release the feel-good endorphins in the body. It’s probably wise for patients to avoid deep tissue massage, since their body might already be sore from procedures or disease-related malaise. And it’s always smart to avoid tumor or treatment sites to prevent discomfort or pressure on the affected area.

Bring on the Heat!

When heat is paired with massage, the cozy chair does double duty to offer comfort during treatment and provide several potential health benefits that could enhance medical treatment and lead to positive outcomes.

Many patients undergoing chemotherapy report feeling cold during treatment, and some experience an extreme sensitivity known as cold dysesthesia. When the body is cold, it naturally tenses up, which can aggravate existing physical discomfort and create unwanted stress. Blankets and gloves can help, but having a comfortable chair with adjustable heat settings is like getting a warm hug from a friend during a difficult time.

Effective Clinic Design Improves the Oncology Treatment Experience

Chemotherapy and infusion treatments can take hours at a time. Unfortunately, patients don’t always have the option to get up and stretch their legs. Human-friendly clinical seating can restore some comfort to what can be a stressful experience.

Curated to provide the highest quality of care and aesthetics, the Alō Treatment is Champion’s flagship offering for medical seating in Infusion and Oncology areas.

The Alō Treatment features:

  • Infinite recline positions (powered or manual) for ultimate customizability
  • Swing-away arms for easier caregiver access
  • Sturdy casters for better mobility
  • Built-in heat + massage to promote patient comfort

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Person-Centered Seating Solutions for Chemotherapy Patients

Even the most accurately performed procedures can benefit from a dose of comfort, which will lead to better outcomes. Investing in comfort often equates to greater efficiency, which helps overworked oncology staff provide a better experience for their patients. Explore Champion’s oncology and infusion solutions today.