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TransMotion’s TMM Stretcher-Chairs are designed with a “One Patient, One Surface®” philosophy. This provides hospitals and surgical centers with a patient platform that enables improved staff safety, greater cost-efficiencies and increased patient satisfaction.

TransMotion Stretcher-Chairs may not be available in certain markets located outside the U.S. - Please contact a sales associate to learn more about availability and/or alternate product options for your area.

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The TMM3's 90º rotating seat allows patients to remain in-chair for both Lateral and A/P imaging. Powered back, leg and height adjustments provide effortless conversion from chair to stretcher.

TMM4 PLUS Series

TransMotion's TMM4 PLUS Stretcher-Chair allows for utilization in a variety of facilities and departments. The TMM4 PLUS is a procedure chair, transport device and stretcher all in one!

TMM5 PLUS Series

The TMM5 PLUS Stretcher-Chair enables facilities to streamline the treatment process and surgical flow by replacing multiple pieces of equipment with a single device. The TMM5 PLUS's dual articulating headpiece makes it an optimal choice for most neck up surgical procedures.

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