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Premium Stretcher-Chairs for Surgical Procedures

We design versatile stretcher-chairs that help patients stay safe and comfortable from pre-op to OR to recovery. With powerful features, ergonomic design, and modern aesthetics, our medical furniture means more than chairs — we offer solutions.

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One Patient, One Surface®
To Optimize Patient Flows

Managing the efficiency of patient flows from admittance to discharge has become crucial in maximizing capacity while delivering an optimal patient experience.

Optimizing patient flow can yield a number of financial and operational benefits to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities.

Championʼs TransMotion stretcher-chair collection provides an all-in-one solution, reducing staff time spent on equipment and room turnover. Therefore, seating capacity is expanded in waiting areas, as each patient only occupies a single surface instead of moving between multiple seats and beds.

Why choose Champion for your surgical procedure facilities?

More than 75 years experience in the surgical procedure industry

Healthcare chairs optimized for patients and providers

Constant innovation in design and engineering

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Product Highlight

Meet the TransMotion Collection

The TransMotion Stretcher-Chair Collection is designed with a “One Patient, One Surface®” philosophy. These highly adaptable seating solutions allow patients to feel safe, from waiting to treatment to recovery.


A versatile stretcher-chair that accommodates neck-up surgical procedures


An all-in-one procedure chair, transport device, and stretcher


Features a rotating seat suitable for imaging

All models include a 500 lb. weight capacity, locking casters, and optional footrests, rails, and armboards.

Stretcher-chairs to optimize space at hospitals and clinics

In the seated position, TMM Stretcher-Chairs require half the space of a traditional stretcher and are easy to navigate through hallways, elevators and other close quarters. Plus, the small footprint frees up floor space so additional units can be stored more efficiently.

Multiple uses for Championʼs medical stretcher-chair

Are You Ready to Innovate Your Patient Seating?

Give your patients and staff the nourishing support they deserve with the TMM series and other premium medical furniture designs from Champion.

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The right features and accessories for surgical procedures

IV pole

Air delivery drape holder

Headpiece extension
(with or without push bar)

Oxygen tank holder

Wrist rest
(anterior or
dual side)

Locking armboard (stretcher)

Armboard (seated)

The small details add up to a holistic healing experience that makes a lasting impression on your patients.

Healthcare chair manufacturer with
nationwide distribution and maintenance

Medical stretcher-chairs engineered to last

Healthcare furniture built in the US

How to buy our medical stretcher chairs

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