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The Champion Experience

MBS Imaging

Reduce Patient Discomfort

The TMM3's 90˚ rotating seat and radiolucent back allow patients to remain in-chair for both lateral and anterior-posterior imaging.


Keeping Exams in Motion

The TMM3 has two base sizes with a brake and steer caster system for easy maneuverability in small rooms with large imaging equipment. Have R/F towers with steel plates that are mounted to the floor? Our optional short (26") wheel base (S) is designed specifically for this scenario.

Radiolucent Back

Unobstructed Views

The TMM3 is specially equipped with a 13" x 26" radiolucent back and fold-down push bar provide an unobstructed view for for X-ray, Fluoroscopy, and C-arm imaging.


Easing Clinician Strain

TMM Stretcher-Chairs have been created to address chronic back pain and other back issues frequently encountered by nurses. Powered back, leg and height adjustments eliminate hydraulic, pneumatic or manual positioning, thereby reducing the risk of injury to the caregiver.

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