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Therapy & Recovery

At Champion, we deliver long-term value by optimizing form and function. Our medical seating solutions are designed to deliver high function, optional features and a premium experience for patients and care providers—while providing the value expected by purchasing departments in small to large healthcare organizations.


We know the importance of keeping a patient comfortable and safe during extended treatments. Our understanding of your patients and your work has made us a preferred medical seating provider—and earned us a place in America’s leading dialysis facilities. & Recovery

Suggested Accessories & Configurations

Choosing a premium recliner with an optimal configuration is key to patient comfort. For transfusions and dialysis, we suggest a recliner from our Ascent Power, Inverness, or Vero Line with a fix of features such as:

  • One-sided or dual-sided collapsable tabletops to improve patient comfort and keep phones and personal belongings within reach
  • Attachable IV pole and bracket to reduce clutter and decrease the potential for trip and fall incidents
  • Rolling casters to easily set up and change patient care areas