Selecting an Oncology Recliner

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Selecting the right patient recliner for oncology can sometimes be overwhelming.  With an ever-expanding market of recliners available, you may be tempted to make an easy choice by selecting one that looks the best, or perhaps one that is most economical. Those decisions may work for the short-term, but not considering what will give you the most return for your investment is a costly mistake.

The feedback we’ve received from our customers throughout the years still holds true today.  Caregivers look for features and options that help make their jobs easier, patients want to be comfortable, buyers look for economical solutions, and administrators look for answers on what product will entice patients to come to their facility for treatment, as well as what will provide the best ROI.

Whatever your viewpoint is, the patient recliner could very well be one of the most important purchases that could affect how the patient receives (and perceives) their treatment.  Look for products that can meet the following standards:

  • Certified and registered – First and foremost, select a product that is certified and registered to meet the needs of a healthcare facility.
  • Power recline allows the patient to easily adjust the recline position with the push of a button, without staff assistance.
  • Heat (and massage) gently warms the patient during the infusion process. Massage feature can be used independently.
  • TV mount or tablet table for small portable electronics – allows for education and entertainment and provides patients options during their treatment experience.
  • Ease of infection prevention is key to quick, room turn over between patients. Swing-away arms and a removable seat help to speed up the process.
  • Central caster locks all you to know at a glance that chairs are secure and patients are safe.
  • Good Customer Service – While the hope is to never have an issue arise with your recliner, chances are an issue or two will come up as the recliner is used. Finding a company that offers quick and friendly customer service is vital in keeping your chairs in good working order and solving any issues that come up. When looking for a recliner check out the company and their customer service policies. Make sure their customer service team is going to be there for you and ask about any warranty or repair services available.

At Champion, we know that selecting the best recliner for your oncology unit can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t need to be. Our recliners offer all of these amenities, and meet FDA standards, while maintaining style and comfort. We hope that you find this guide helpful, and remember Champion for when you begin your search.

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