We serve medical facilities with a comprehensive range of manual and power recliners—from durably-engineered chairs that withstand demanding around-the-clock use, to comfort-focused chairs that are a cozy addition to any patient room.

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The Alō recliner is our premium choice for patient seating in oncology and infusion. Curated to combine the highest quality of care and aesthetic, it provides a stunning selection for your next recliner.


Stylish medical recliners/transporters with subtle curves and swing-away arms, ideal for both patients and caregivers.


Medical Recliner/Sleeper that offers comfort in a style that’s perfect for patient rooms or any treatment center where patient transport isn’t needed.


Cost-effective and feature-rich medical recliners engineered to meet your most demanding applications.


A manual medical recliner that offers soft, radius lines for a more “at-home feeling” in any patient room setting.


A versatile recliner ideal for patient rooms and a variety of patient settings.

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