Premium Recliners for Oncology and Infusion Healthcare Facilities - Champion Chair

Premium Recliners for Oncology and Infusion Healthcare Facilities

As you know, infusion treatments can take a long time — potentially hours. The more comfortable your patients feel and the less strain you can put on your caregivers, the better the experience and quality of care can be.

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At Champion, we strive to improve the patient and caregiver experience with high quality healthcare seating for chemotherapy, dialysis, infusion, IV drip, cancer recovery and more.

We offer more than beautiful medical seating. Our designs are a true blend of form and function drawn from people’s experiences. We strive to continuously perfect our approach to patient seating, helping push the healthcare industry toward an inclusive and person-centered standard.

Oncology and infusion clinics face many challenges, from heavy psychological stress to a high demand on staffʼs time and energy. The right furniture makes all the difference.

Why choose Champion for your oncology and infusion facility?

More than 75 years of experience in the healthcare market

Healthcare chairs optimized for patients and providers

Constant innovation in design and engineering

We design our healthcare chairs with the caregiver ergonomics in mind

Nurses and other caregivers endure repetitive daily strain when treating patients. Thatʼs why medical seating must bridge the gap between patient comfort and caregiver accessibility.

Champion Chairs:

  • Help reduce repetitive strain
  • Supports caregiver safety
  • Strive to improve the caregiver experience
  • Designed to make an impression

Your oncology clinic deserves innovative, person-centered medical seating. Thatʼs what you will get with a Champion chair.

Product Highlight

Meet the Alō

The Alō recliner is our premium choice for patient seating in oncology and infusion. With a homey aesthetic and built-in amenities, the Alō is more than a chair: itʼs both a comfortable refuge and a powerful tool for healing.

The Alō Recovery

helps caregivers more easily reach patients, reducing their likelihood of back strain.

The Alō Treatment

offers exceptional comfort to make long treatments seem shorter.

Let us show you the difference.

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Healthcare chairs with all the features you need to improve your patients experience

The Right Features for Oncology & Infusion Settings

Heat + Massage

Personal Item Storage

Oxygen Tank Holder

USB Charger

IV Pole + Bracket

The small details add up to a holistic healing experience that makes a lasting impression on your patients.

Are You Ready to Innovate Your Infusion Clinic?

Give your patients and staff the nourishing support they deserve with the Alō and other premium medical furniture designs from Champion.

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How to buy our medical recliner chairs

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