Healthcare Heroes Wear Scrubs

Your coffee spills a little onto the right pant of your healthcare scrubs as you make the transition from your car into the familiar, clinical routine of work. It’s your fourth shift of the week and you’re doing all you can to make it through to your day off tomorrow. You push aside thoughts of the coffee; you have more important matters on your mind. A giant list of to-dos starts to form in your head as you wait for the elevator to take you up, and its shiny, silver door to open. The pile of patient folders on the nurse’s station has grown since you left yesterday, and you hear a coworker in the background start listing off patient stats as she collects her water bottle to take off for the evening.

But a small cough coming from the right side of the room brings you back to reality, and a tiny weight lifts off your shoulders as you catch a glimpse of Olivia’s smile and welcoming wave coming from the other room she rests in. Her smile grows, and warmness fills you as you walk over to say hello. It’s as she starts telling you about the tea party she and Bootsie, the well-loved teddy bear in her lap, had earlier in the afternoon that the reason you love your job comes to mind. Being there for individuals such as Olivia through the treatment journey, and knowing that you are making a difference in their lives makes it all worth it.

As an infusion nurse, we know that patients are the focus of your job. Day-to-day you’re administering treatments, monitoring health and reactions to medication, educating both patients and their families, and so much more than most people realize. Day-to-day you’re pouring into those around you and at times it may feel like you’re running on empty. Day-to-day you give back. But today, we give back to you.

We want you to know that you are appreciated and your work does not go unseen. What you do matters. You are the hero in your patient’s journey; coming to their rescue and helping them feel better. You are the support they lean on; their stability in a sea of unknown answers. You are the friendly face that calms their fears; the constant amidst the uncertainty. We acknowledge the comfort and attention you give to each patient, the dedication in your work ethic, and we applaud YOU for all you do and have done.

Thank you, and happy IV Nurse Day from all of us at Champion.