Melissa Hirth
Product Support Manager
Champion Manufacturing

Practicing Proper Sanitization and Disinfection of Medical Equipment

Key Points
  • Proper sanitization is always critical, but COVID-19 has made it even more so.
  • A shortage of personal protective equipment and subsequent reuse has elevated disinfection needs.
  • Choosing equipment with built-in infection-prevention measures can ease that burden.
Jonathan Massey, CCRN
Regional Account Manager
Champion Manufacturing

Solving Nursing Challenges in the Face of COVID-19 and Beyond

Key Points
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic marches on, a severe lack of test kits, PPE and more has emerged.
  • The pandemic has also exposed a lack of appropriately trained and available nurses.
  • Individually, social distancing and isolation can help flatten the curve and allow the healthcare industry to catch up.
Brian Nyquist
Executive Director
National Infusion Center Association

How Advocacy Like #ShareYourChair Campaign Is Bringing Awareness to Infusion Care

Key Points
  • The National Infusion Center Association advocates for patient access to infusion care.
  • The successful #ShareYourChair campaign brought awareness to infusion therapy.
  • Infusion centers offer both cost-effective and comfortable settings for patient.
Matt Weismiller
Champion Chair

Turnkey Solutions: How to Go Beyond Selling a Product

Key Points
  • Shift company culture to a long-term customer satisfaction strategy.
  • Provide turnkey product solutions, not commodity-based products.
  • An expert provider brings extended value to a customer.