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Enhancing Patient Satisfaction

Enhancing Patient Satisfaction

TransMotion's One Patient, One Surface® design allows patients to comfortably sit in a TMM5 Stretcher Chair to have their pupils dilated. After dilation, they remain seated as they’re wheeled into the surgery suite and then into recovery.


Efficiency Boost

TMM Stretcher-Chairs include a wired pendant so staff can easily change the patient's position during each stage of the process. The optional foot pedal accessory can also be added to allow surgeons to more easily adjust the stretcher-chair’s height during surgery.

Adjustability Surgeons Demand

Adjustability Surgeons Demand

The TMM5 is equipped with a low-profile, dual articulating headrest for more accurate temporal positioning.


Eye on Accessibility

The TMM5-XTB PLUS features a triple column base which brings the patient up to an ergonomic height and allows the surgeon optimal access.

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