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Patient Comfort Means Everything to You. And to Us.

POPULAR CHAIRS FOR Oncology & Infusion
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The Champion Experience


Better Access for You. Greater Comfort for Patients.

Keeping patients comfortable and safe during long oncology or infusion treatments is crucial. At Champion, we ensure that healthcare professionals have the clinical access and ease of use they need, while creating a comforting and reassuring experience for the patient.


Chairs That Welcome Your Patients Back.

When patients need to return for multiple or lengthy treatments, it’s important to have a welcoming environment to help reduce stress. We help your patients relax with options such as gentle warming systems, massage, recharging ports, tablet mounts, and a variety of custom accessories.


Your Work Is Important. We Make It Easier.

Wide arms and foldaway tables make administering IV’s easier, while seat height and vertical lift options bring the patient to your level for easier communication, so you don’t have to bend as much. Trendelenburg comes standard on many recliner models, to avoid "fly to the floor" protocol.


Seating That Stands Up to Heavy, Extended Use.

Broken chairs mean missed revenue. Our all-steel framework assures long life, with an 8-year projected chair lifespan despite continuous, extended use. And our service teams work onsite to help keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Leading the Way in Innovation and Quality.


The Right Chair for Any Clinical Setting.