When It Matters Most

When patient comfort matters most...

PATIENT SATISFACTION. In an era where patients have greater freedom of choice, it is important to offer resources that will help create a positive impact on their treatment experience. Selected as the recliner of choice in nearly 80% of 5-star clinics, Champion provides innovative solutions for a more comfortable and empowered patient.

“Champion is the brand I’ve turned to no matter where I’ve been.”                  – Facility Administrator

“The other competitors’ chairs are ‘hard as a brick’ to sit in. I have patients fighting for the new Champion chairs.”                                                             – Director of Purchasing



When cost matters most...

RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. We expect your Champion recliners to last many years longer than other brands. Designed for the most difficult healthcare applications, and built to reduce untimely replacement cost and frustrating repair service.

“I am going to be point blank honest. I have clinics that won’t touch another chair. Champion is the whole package deal.”                                                   – Director of Purchasing

“We’ve dealt with Champion for 16 years, and we expect to deal with them for another 16.”                                                                                                       – Vice President and Co-Founder



When customer service matters most…

SERVICE. Our dedication to you. When you do need service, our factory-based team (not a call center) can get you solutions quickly. From operation assistance to replacing a 10-year old part, we can help.

“Champion has great customer service. They respond quickly and work with you unlike [others], who don’t respond at all.”                                                   – Facility Manager

“[Other] has tried hard to win over business, but really the customer service had been exceptional at Champion...when we need something replaced, they help us immediately.”                                                                                          – VP of Strategic Services



Top Market Ratings

A recent independent study reveals that CHAMPION excelled in every major market category.

LEADERSHIP. We take your leadership role as seriously as we take our own.

Our goal is to allow you to deliver the best care for your patients, in the most efficient manner for your staff, for effective outcomes for your organization.

If you have already selected Champion, we thank you. If not, contact us for a free chair assessment for your facility and allow us to deliver what matters most to you.