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The Champion Experience

The Stretcher-Chair of choice for Seated Mammography. The TMM4-154 Mammography Stretcher-Chair is designed to accommodate patients who need to sit during their mammography. Facilities with patients who are prone to fainting, require a wheelchair and/or a weakened musculoskeletal system benefit from the stability and easy patient positioning this platform provides.

Less stress mammogram

Less Clinical, More Comfortable Experience

We understand that Mammograms can be stressful and unpleasant -- The TMM-154 incorporates lower seat heights for easy ingress and egress, a folding footrest so patients have a place to rest their feet during the exam, and multi-layer foam cushions for a more comfortable experience.

Mammography Positioning

Easier on the Practitioner

Lower seat height, locking casters, a centrally located foot brake, folding push bars, and pendant powered positioning (back articulation, leg section and seat height) allow the radiologic technologist to easily and efficiently to position patients during a mammogram.

Biopsy - Flexibility for Efficiency

Flexibility for Efficiency

TMM Stretcher-Chairs maximize space by incorporating patient transport, mammography, upright stereotactic breast biopsies, and recovery into one patient platform, increasing throughput and efficiency of care.

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