Key Benefits of Stretcher-Chairs for Optical Surgical Procedures


While all surgical procedures carry risks, ophthalmology surgeries have some unique challenges. Demand for ambulatory surgery, such as LASIK correction, is on the rise. Healthcare facilities must prioritize efficiency and accessibility for both optical surgeons and their patients.

How a patient is positioned is critical to ophthalmological surgery success. That’s where the right seating comes into play. Medical furniture design is increasingly embracing multi-purpose, person-centric seating. One key example is the stretcher-chair, an innovative device that allows patients to remain on one surface from prep to operation to recovery.

Here’s how stretcher-chairs can make optical surgical procedures safer and more efficient.

Improved Patient Comfort

Research indicates that patient comfort significantly affects their outcomes. Being comfortable before, during, and after procedures helps reduce stress levels. When stress is high, cortisol floods the bloodstream. In some cases, this can delay healing or raise one’s risk of complications.

Conversely, discomfort can worsen symptoms — and possibly the prognosis. Patients are less able to rest and recover when they’re uncomfortable. Some research suggests that patients’ mental wellness affects their healing. By actively promoting patient comfort, healthcare workers can support the treatment plan. But it’s more than fetching extra pillows or blankets. The overall physical environment’s shape and functionality influence patients’ ideas of comfort.

Optical surgeries can be nerve-wracking, especially because they are often elective. Ambulatory care poses unique challenges as staff must integrate patient logistics with clinical needs. Patients arrive at the facility, then transition into a vulnerable state. It’s especially important to streamline these flows.

The solution is to have one comfortable surface to carry patients from operation to recovery. This reduces friction between the check-in/prep and procedural areas and helps ensure that all surgeries happen on time. Plus, patients feel less anxious and more confident about the entire process.

Ergonomic Support for Surgeons and Nurses

Healthcare professionals are at high risk of repetitive-strain injuries caused by bending or crouching. Female surgeons are especially susceptible to musculoskeletal stress as they must work around equipment that isn’t designed for their movement or stature. Because surgical tables often have a low working height, they’re challenging for optical surgeons who need a close, accurate view.

A surgical stretcher that rises or lowers to an ergonomic height helps reduce surgeons’ risk of injuries. They don’t need to rely on stepstools or improper body positioning. This, in turn, boosts their performance and leads to better patient outcomes.

For example, Champion’s TMM5 Plus Stretcher-Chair features either a dual- or triple-column base for a working height of 24 to 40 inches. A wired pendant allows easy adjustment. This innovative chair is a transport device, surgical stretcher, and recovery chair all in one.

Better Patient Positioning for Optical Procedures

Ophthalmology treatment may require patients to be seated or supine — often, both. But the more chairs and beds they encounter, the greater their stress. It’s cumbersome to keep switching furniture. And for neck-up procedures, a comfortable, precise position is paramount.

Unfortunately, many patient seating options are less than ideal for optical procedures. The patient is either too low or high for the doctor to examine them or prep them for surgery. Then, they must transfer to yet another surface for the procedure.

Champion’s TMM series of stretcher-chairs embraces a “One Patient, One Surface®” philosophy. This helps minimize stress and discomfort and ensures that the patient is always where their doctor or nurse needs them to be.

Champion Makes Optical Surgical Flows Simpler

From ergonomic needs to patient comfort, Champion’s innovative stretcher-chairs help ensure that optical surgery clinics run smoothly and safely. The rise of the ambulatory-care model and elective surgeries means that healthcare facilities must prioritize efficiency and comfort. A convertible stretcher-chair creates a person-centric experience, leading to better outcomes for both patients and providers.

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