Infusion Therapy

For over 27 years, our experience in designing successful patient and seating solutions for a variety of healthcare environments has placed us in many of the top hospitals and 5-star clinics in the USA.

We understand the operations of infusion therapy. The patient recliner is an integral part of the treatment process which provides support for the patient and is a necessary tool for the caregiver. Designed specifically to address the needs of a clinical environment, the Champion recliner delivers where others fall short.

Key features of Champion infusion recliners include:

  • Trendelenburg for critical moments (12° flat-body position)
  • Swing-open arms for patient transfer and cleanability
  • Heat to help keep patient warm and comfortable
  • “Infinite recline” positions for maximum patient comfort
  • Wide arm surface for setting the IV
  • Wall-hugger design, saving valuable floorspace

Open design allows staff to quickly & efficiently clean chairs between patients.

Wall-hugger design reduces space between chair and wall to make room for more chairs.

Product durability, local customer service support & company techs keep chairs in service.


Ascent II Power

A stylish Recliner/ transporter, adding style to serious medical seating.

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85 Series Power

All of the same features of the 54 Series with the convenience of swing-arms.

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Ascent Manual

Subtle curves and swing-away arms ideal for both patient and caregiver.

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