How Innovative Medical Furniture Can Save Time, Careers, and Lives

Innovative Medical Furniture

According to a recent survey, America’s healthcare system is bearing the weight of too many understaffed hospitals combined with an increase in patients. This pressure is affecting a large majority of nurses, whose presence and expertise is vital to the success of surgical environments.

  • More than 93 percent of nurses say their hospital is experiencing a staffing shortage, up from 59 percent in a 2020 survey.
  • Seventy-five percent of nurses say their long-term plans to remain in the career will be affected if staffing shortages are not corrected, up from one-third of respondents in 2021.
  • Forty percent of nurses say their hospitals have closed beds because of staffing shortages, and 72 percent say their hospital cannot provide adequate care to patients because of them.
  • Sixty-one percent say workplace stress negatively affects them outside of work: 79 percent reported exhaustion, 69 percent reported burnout, and 45 percent reported feeling undervalued.
  • Fifty-three percent of nurses say burnout is the cause of staffing shortages, while 37 percent pointed to staff resignations.

While this problem isn’t going away anytime soon, there are a lot of people trying to come up with workable solutions. Innovative medical furniture is just one factor that can help save precious time so nurses and surgeons can see more patients and also feel more supported in their role.

Clinical Needs Must Come First

Healthcare decision-makers must select the right medical furniture for their needs. Even the best patient seating solution must be well-integrated into the clinical or surgical space.
Technology is only as good as one makes it. The healthcare field is full of well-intentioned innovators, but each new tool should resolve more problems than it introduces. Clinical needs must come first.

As medtech developer Tommy Carls notes, 20 percent of operating time is caused by disruptions in the workflow. Every bit of equipment must be thoughtfully considered.

Limit Risk of Injury; Streamline Workflows

Any job carries a risk of repetitive strain injuries, but that risk increases for those who perform repeated movements for hours at a time. That’s why surgeons need equipment and furniture that mitigates their risk and creates a more ergonomic working environment. Workflow includes factors such as lifting and moving and transporting, as well as the time each of those steps take during the surgical process.

Transferring surgical patients from operating theaters to recovery wards can be a challenge. TransMotion by Champion proposes a solution: a comfortable and ergonomic stretcher, chair, and transport device — all in one.

One Patient, One Surface® Philosophy

The TransMotion Collection offers innovative seating built to optimize patient flow from admission to discharge, all on a single surface. This efficient technology prioritizes clinical needs, and medical providers will be grateful for the ways it can help minimize risk, maximize space, and enhance productivity.

Our TMM5 PLUS offers several powerful features:

  • Surgical support leg to easily convert the chair for the OR
  • Dual articulating headpiece to support many types of neck-up surgical procedures
  • Customizable armboards, footrests, and seat heights to suit a range of surgical applications
  • Ultra-durable construction and high weight capacity
  • Quick setup and conversion to streamline surgical flows

The TMM5 Plus is commonly used in Ophthalmic and Plastic Surgery settings but is perfect for any environment where the safe transport and handling of patients is paramount and time is of the essence.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

It’s much easier to improve your medical furniture than to expand your healthcare facility. So when space is at a premium, invest in furniture that creates efficiency.
Stretchers are critical for transporting patients into surgery. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of room when not in use.

The TMM5 Plus is a stretcher and wheelchair in one. Its seated position offers patients a comfortable place for intake and prep, then easily stretches out to take them directly to the OR. As a bonus, it can be stored in its seated position to save space.

Want to learn more about this product? A Champion team member would be happy to help you evaluate the TMM Collection for your facility.

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