Benefits of Home Infusion for Cancer Patients

In our prior two blog posts on infusion therapy, we discussed the growing trend of home infusion therapy and the laws surrounding the possibility of this type of care. Home infusion therapy has evolved into a medical therapy that is a less costly alternative to inpatient treatment in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. With home infusion being less costly and enabled in one’s home, many are starting to choose this option, including those who are being treated for some forms of cancer. 

Many cancer patients will have to undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery to remove a tumor. Home infusion therapy can be beneficial in the fact that it will allow for intravenous medication with saline solution and other vitamins to be administered at home; providing a more comfortable environment for the patient following these treatments or surgeries.  The key benefits of home infusion therapy for cancer patients are:

  • IV Fluids provide quick hydration – hydration is important when one’s body is in recovery and fluids administered directly to veins reach cells quickly.  It is important for many cancer patients to receive IV fluids to prevent dehydration because of the side effects of cancer treatment drugs, making IV fluids an easy solution.
  • Medications are absorbed – because many cancer patients are nauseous due to the side-effects of cancer treatment drugs, it is easier to administer fluids and medications directly into the bloodstream.  This helps for the patient to avoid feeling sick and for them to get all nutrients and medications needed. 
  • Flushes out toxins – IV therapy helps to hydrate and restore needed vitamins, along with flushing out the bad toxins which your body produces each day. 

Cancer treatments take a lot out of the patient’s body and home infusions can help to provide a comfortable environment for one to receive treatment. Treatments can also be administered at time that works best for the patient, which in turn allows for them to continue to go about their daily life. It has also been found that many patients report better management of the chemotherapy symptoms and stick to the required schedule. And, there are fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations due to the cancer treatments being administered while in the home. 

As we see this growing trend in the marketplace, Champion is ready to serve patients with the same treatment chairs that we sell to infusion units worldwide.  This will enable patients the opportunity to get the same high quality and easy to clean product for their home. Best of all, when it is time to deliver your chair, it will come fully assembled so you or your loved one can begin treatment immediately.

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