Home Infusion: A Growing Trend

Where would you feel most comfortable when having to sit for long periods of time? Studies have shown us that home infusion is a growing trend and that the market is expected to grow by 7.2% in the next seven years.  Here we will address the benefits and some of the concerns involved with home infusion.

It has been found that home-based therapies are physically and emotionally motivating for patients. Home infusion is a treatment option for patients with a wide range of conditions, ranging from bacterial infections to more complex conditions such as late-stage heart failure, bleeding disorders, dialysis, nutrition support, cancer, and immune deficiencies. Home infusion offers patients independence and better quality of life because it is provided in the comfort of their own home at a time that fits their needs. Here we will touch on the benefits of in-home therapy:

  • Convenience – There is no coordinating of rides or travel time required. It also isn’t necessary to wait for your appointment.
  • Energy saving – When you are ill, disabled or recovering from surgery, the last thing you want is to spend your energy getting up/down stairs or in/out of the car. In home therapy allows patients to save their energy for other aspects of life.
  • Fully functional – Not only is the therapist teaching the patient new techniques, he or she is doing it in the patient’s home. This allows for the patient to have a more active part in their treatment and can play a role in improving medication adherence.
  • Encouraging & supportive – The familiarity of the same therapist is comforting to patients, and the partnership formed offers a unique type of support.
  • Reduced Hospital Stays – The longer a patient stays in a hospital, the greater the risk of hospital-acquired infection. This is especially the case for patients with compromised immune systems. Home infusion allows patients to receive some or all of their therapy at home, while reducing the harms associated with hospitalization.
  • Cost Savings – Hospital expenses add up quickly and home infusion therapy is a cost-effective alternative to receiving treatment in a hospital. Home infusion can also reduce the amount of time you stay in a hospital, which in turn, saves you money.

Now that we have discussed the many benefits of home infusion therapy, we can mention the major barrier found with this type of treatment and that is Medicare reimbursement. The cost of most infused drugs is reimbursed, but the pumps and services needed to deliver treatment is not covered. As a result, many patients are required to pay out of pocket, which in turn drives many to receive therapy at hospitals or skilled nursing facilities. There are hopes that new laws going into effect in the near future will help to alleviate this financial burden for patients.  After reviewing the pros and cons of home infusion therapy, many feel that it is likely that home care will succeed in the long run because most patients prefer being cared for in the comfort of their own home.

As we see this growing trend in the marketplace, Champion is ready to serve patients with the same treatment chairs that we sell to infusion units worldwide.  This will enable patients the opportunity to get the same high quality and easy to clean product for their home.  And, when it is time to deliver your chair, it will come fully assembled, so you or your loved one can begin treatment immediately.

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