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In all cases, we encourage you to contact your local Champion representative or call us at the corporate office. We can help answer any questions and show you how to customize or accessorize your chairs, so you get the level of comfort and functionality you want and need.

Various models offer different levels of weight capacity:

  • The Alō recliner comes in both a 300-pound and 500-pound patient weight capacity.
  • Our standard Classic Series recliners have a 300-pound patient weight capacity, as do the Ascent and Ascent II recliners. They are marked with a red “capacity” label located on the frame at the back of the recliner.
  • Bariatric recliners have a 500-pound patient weight capacity.

Please refer to the product pages of this website for weight capacity information as well as other features specific to each model.

Only on certain models. Not everyone needs or wants the Trendelenburg feature, but you can get it as an option on our Classic Series recliners (54 Series, 56 Series, etc.) and our Ascent and Ascent II recliner lines. Trendelenburg is a standard feature on the Alō

For our Classic Series, Ascent, Ascent II or Alō recliners with manual recline that have Trendelenburg:

To deploy “Trend,” the patient must first be in a full recline position. Use the leg rest/recline release actuator located on the outside of either arm of the recliner. This will allow the leg rest to raise. If the patient is unable to assist you, manually raise the foot rest as you hold the release lever out to bring the patient’s feet up and achieve the “TV” position. From “TV” position, push the back of the recliner down using either the push handle located at the back or by simply applying pressure to the back of the recliner near the patient’s head.

Once the chair is fully reclined, pull and hold the Trend lever (located on the back of the recliner near the patient’s head) as you lower the chair back to the desired position. Again, do this while holding the Trend lever. (Please note that if you choose to use a “partial” Trend position instead of full Trend, you must always stop at a partial Trend on the way down. If the chair has been fully Trended, you must reset the Trend mechanism by returning the chair to the “TV” position while pulling and holding the Trend lever. Then go to the fully reclined position and stop at the desired position on the way down.)

To release the patient back into the full recline position from a Trended position, pull and hold the Trend lever as you raise the chair to the “TV” position. Release the Trend lever and push the chair back down to full recline with pressure on the back near the head or using the push handle at the back.

For additional instructions, please refer to our “Trendelenburg Option” video tutorial.

For our Classic Series, Ascent, Ascent II or Alō Power:

To deploy “Trend,” the patient must be in full recline position (if the patient is in other than full recline position, press the recline button on the handheld remote until the chair is in full recline). From there, pull and hold the Trend lever, which is located on the back of the recliner near the patient’s head. Lower the chair back to the desired position while holding the Trend lever by pressing on the chair back near the patient’s head area or using the push handle at the chair back. (Please note that if you choose to use a “partial” Trend position instead of full Trend, you may stop at any point by releasing the Trend lever. To return from Trend on a recliner with powered recline, pull and hold the Trend release as you lift the chair to the fully reclined position. Once you have reached the fully reclined position, release the Trend actuator. From this position, you may then engage the handheld remote to adjust the chair’s position in recline, or you may return to Trend if necessary.)

Most Classic, Ascent, and Ascent II recliner models made after March 1999 have quick-release seats, as well as the new Alō recliner.

It is a relatively simple operation. Once you do it, it quickly becomes second nature:

  • Lock the front casters of the chair. Release the footrest and push the chair back into the full recline position.
  • Locate the thumb screws under the front two corners of the chair seat. These screws will be bright yellow (or black on older models).
  • Remove the screws and place the chair back into the full, upright position by first lifting the seat-back fully upright and then pushing the leg rest back down against the chair firmly until it latches.
  • Standing in front of the chair, lift the seat front slightly and pull the seat toward you, pulling it out like a drawer. Once the seat is removed, you have full access to the inside of the chair for cleaning and maintenance.
  • When you are finished, replace the seat by setting it back on the mechanism, making sure that the metal clip on each side of the seat bottom is under the flange on the mechanism. Slide the seat back into the chair. Make sure the bolts on the front corners of the seat are seated in the holes in the mechanism and replace the thumb screws to secure the seat.

For additional information, please see our Removable Seat Video Tutorial

Simply contact us at Champion with the serial number of your recliner, and we can provide the color code for you.

Some features and accessories can be retrofitted. Please locate the serial number on your chair first, then contact our Customer Care department at 800-998-5018 for details.

Champion does not recommend pressure washing your chairs if it is not done by a certified Champion technician. Chair-A-Medics is highly trained on completing this service and is able to safely pressure wash a chair to remove deep down grime and stains from hard to clean places on the chairs. This keeps the chairs looking their best and helps prevent infection control issues. For chairs with heat/massage, the tech uses a multi-towel process to hand wash the chair top to bottom, including areas like the backs, legs, inside the armrests, etc., that may not be normally wiped by the staff.

Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations for your fabric.

The use of vinyl conditioners or protectants is not recommended. Some institutional cleaners or disinfectants may cause discoloration of the fabric, and embrittlement of the table.

Use of cleaners, other than those recommended by the manufacturer, is at the clinic’s own risk. Any type of cover you choose can be affected by long-term exposure to hair oils, body oils, lotions, personal care products, and other staining substances like shoe polish and ink. In addition, certain medications may produce a metabolite in the patient’s perspiration which can stain or discolor fabric. You may also want to research the materials that work best with your facility’s infection prevention protocol. If you have any questions, please refer to your Service Manual or call our Customer Service department at 800-998-5018.

For an overview of care and cleaning, watch our video tutorial: Recommendations for Cleaning your Champion Recliner.

All recliners are sold with a warranty. If you have questions or are unsure of the status of your warranty, please contact our Customer Care department at 800-998-5018 with the serial number of your recliner for details.

First, locate your custom recliner’s serial number on the back of the chair, toward the bottom, on the left-hand side of the frame. After you have the serial number, please contact our Customer Care department at 800-998-5018.

Contact us for more information at 800-998-5018.

Please contact your local Champion sales representative. If you do not know your rep, contact our corporate office at 800-998-5018 for assistance.

Please contact our Customer Care department at 800-998-5018.

Champion has a nationwide network of sales reps to meet your needs. If you do not know who your local sales rep is, please contact us at 800-998-5018.

Your local Champion sales rep will have color cards on hand. If you do not know your rep, please contact us at 800-998-5018.

You can also visit the Fabrics & Finishes page of our website to view our online sample room. You can also order vinyl samples via the links on this page.

All Champion products are U.S. assembled in Elkhart, Indiana or Ocala, Florida.

Please contact our corporate office at 800-998-5018.

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