• Standard Vinyls With PreFixx® Finish
    Available for the 54, 56, 58, 59, 85, 86, 89, Ascent, Ascent XL, Ascent II, Ascent II XL, Concord, Overnight and Caregiver Seating.

  • Champion Soft Vinyls
    Standard vinyls selection for the Continuum and Passage recliners.  Available as an upgrade for other products.

Please Note: Due to the scanning process and differences in individual monitor settings, the above color chips should be viewed as representations only and are enlarged to show detail. Color cards showing standard and non-standard vinyl samples are available upon request. Availability of vinyl and FR. 133 requirement affect lead times, so please determine chair requirements as soon as possible in your order process.

  • Coated Fabrics for Healthcare (with PreFixx®)

    The requirements for upholstery used in healthcare settings are different than in other environments. Color contributes not only to the aesthetics but also to the patient’s healing and comfort. Appropriate textures may reduce the accumulation of bacteria and grime. Known for its wide design range and durability, OMNOVA’s Boltaflex upholstery has been successfully used in a broad assortment of healthcare environments.

    OMNOVA’s Boltaflex coated fabrics, protected with the industry-leading PreFixx protective finish, feature unparalleled resistance to staining, abrasion, scuffing and burnishing as demonstrated in repeated laboratory field tests. The superior stain resistance and improved wear properties help keep PreFixx protected products looking new longer than most other vinyl upholstery. Most importantly, protected upholstery can be safely cleaned and disinfected with many popular disinfectants, helping to reduce the incidence of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).

    For additional information regarding PreFixx, visit Omnova.

    Upholstery Cleaning Instructions for PreFixx from Omnova

  • Champion Soft Vinyls (without PreFixx®)

    Designed and engineered for healthcare environments, it features a proprietary disinfectant-resistant topcoat that allows the product to be easily cleaned and disinfected with 23 commonly used chemical cleaners without worrying about discoloration or damage to the upholstery finish.


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