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Dialysis Chairs & Non-Acute Care Seating

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The Champion Experience

We know the importance of keeping a patient comfortable and safe during extended treatments. Our understanding of your patients and your work has made us a preferred medical seating provider—and earned us a place in America’s leading dialysis facilities.


Greater Comfort for Patients — and Practitioners.

Practitioners like the height, vertical lift, wide arms, IV tables and Trendelenburg position that make providing treatment easier. Patients love options like heat and massage, power recline, charging ports, and other options that make each visit a more comfortable experience.


How Much Can We Fit Into One Chair?

In choosing a chair, you want to strike an optimum balance between price, quality and features. You also need a reliable solution that helps you maximize patient volume and operational efficiency. You will find it all in your Champion chair.


Ask a Nurse. Or a Technician.

We are extremely proud that nurses and technicians are among our biggest advocates. Our reputation for quality, ease-of-use and reliability have made us a favorite with the clinical and technical professionals who work closely with medical seating every day.

Leading the Way in Innovation and Quality.


The Right Chair for Any Clinical Setting.