Cleaning your Champion Recliner

Nearly all of your patients come in contact with your patient seating.  The condition and cleanliness of your healthcare recliner seating can engender patient confidence, protect patients, and preserve your investment in the product.  A healthcare recliner in good repair represents your brand in a positive light.  Clean, disinfected surfaces protect patients from the transfer of germs and bacteria, and keeping your healthcare recliners free of debris and dirt can help them operate more smoothly.

You should both clean and disinfect your recliners – in that order.  Dirt and debris can act as a barrier preventing the disinfectant from reaching the surface and doing its job.

STEP 1 – Thoroughly clean chair surfaces from dirt and grime.

STEP 2 – Remove residual cleaning solution using a water-wetted cloth.

STEP 3 – Disinfect chair surfaces (make sure you leave disinfectant on the surface per the vinyl manufacturing instructions).

STEP 4 – Use a water-wetted cloth to remove residual disinfectant.

Rinsing in between cleaning and disinfecting is crucial – after cleaning the grime, you want to rinse it off and after disinfection, please rinse again as it will save the life of your product.



  • Bleach Based Solutions with up to a 10:1 ratio
  • Formula 409 All Purpose Spray Cleaner
  • Hand Dish washing Soap and Water
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
  • Peroxide Based Cleaners


  • PDI Sani-Cloth
  • Oxivir
  • Cavicide
  • Cleaners that state “For Hard Non-Porous Surfaces Only”

The types of cleaners listed under “Use Caution” will erode the topcoat on vinyl if not rinsed after EVERY use. It is best to avoid these types of disinfectants to avoid discoloration and reverse crocking.  Even with a surface rinse, Champion cannot guarantee preservation.


DO NOT POWER WASH RECLINERS:  Power Washing Champion recliners could render your Trendelenburg Feature unusable, could rust out your chair, could damage your electrical components, and other component pieces on your recliner.  Evidence of power washing will void the warranty on your Champion recliner and under no circumstances should you or another power wash your Champion product.

STEAM CLEANING:  Steam Cleaning can erode vinyl topcoats, damage electrical components, and can cause the Trendelenburg feature to malfunction.  Steam Cleaning is ONLY permitted from a Champion-Certified Technician. To find out more about this service please call 1-800-998-5018 and ask for Product Support, or contact us.

LUBRICATING RECLINERS:  Under no circumstances should you lubricate your medical recliner, this can cause the Trendelenburg feature to fail and could also cause failure to the arm latch, both critical components on Champion recliners.


For more information regarding cleaning and disinfecting, please contact the Champion Product Support team.

Interested in learning more? Check out our podcast that covers cleaning and disinfecting.