Champion’s Transmission Barrier Elevates Infection Control

Champion’s new Transmission Barrier is here to help medical professionals keep pace with the evolving healthcare landscape. Our top priority is creating a safe, empowering environment for patients using our medical seating solutions. Taking additional measures to help slow the transmission of COVID and other airborne viruses helps protect your staff as well as your patients. Built upon the concept that no treatment is the same, the Transmission Barrier was designed to articulate to multiple positions, allowing caregivers to adjust as needed during patient care. Easily retrofittable for any of Champion’s Classic, Ascent, Ascent II or Alō recliner lines, this innovative solution comes fully assembled with a mounting bracket that can be attached to the chair.

Designed to provide an additional layer of protection, the barrier allows for:

  • Sheltering of the patient’s face and mounted table in all recliner positions
  • Quick Access Position to move the barrier if vascular access is on the same side
  • Full Access (Storage) Position for full access to patient or total storage of barrier
  • Chemical-resistant PETG plastic barrier and powder-coated steel frame for ease of cleaning and disinfection

Interested in learning more? Click here to view more details or reach out to us at 800-998-5018.