Champions of Care

You are at the heart of everything we do here at Champion. Our focus revolves around supplying medical furnishings and equipment that helps support your mission to provide the highest quality of care to patients during critical moments.

Who are the Champions of Care?

They are the people on the front lines of healthcare facilities. They are the ones that put in countless hours caring for their patients with heart and compassion. They are the ones who are fighting for advocacy in their medical field. They are the supply chains that make sure our healthcare systems have the items that are needed. They are people who care and are passionate about serving others and the positive effect their actions have on the world. So, who are the Champions of Care? You.

The information below celebrates different leaders in the healthcare industry and their efforts on making the world a better place. Enjoy!

Champions of Care: Low Country Rheumatology

See how Champion was able to provide a seating solution for Low Country Rheumatology that helped to ensure a good overall patient experience during the treatment process.

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"We have heard from many patients that the mechanical powered recliners are essential to their healing because they can change the position for comfort by themselves... They are able to get out much easier and they're very pleased with the comfort of the chair.”

Director of Patient Services


"With the addition of the power option we decrease the number of calls for assistance while allowing the patient to adjust for their comfort. This bit of independence is also important for the emotional well-being of our patients.”

Operations Coordinator


"We have found that Champion's design of the medical treatment recliner not only satisfied many wants of our patient, primarily comfort, but also considered the nurses' needs as well."

Clinical Coordinator

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