Flame Retardants and Anti-Microbial Materials

California repealing the TB-133 flammability standard in early 2019 has enabled a long-needed consolidation in the upholstered furniture industry.  While a small number of geographic markets continue to require compliance to the now repealed TB-133 standard, that list is expected to dwindle rapidly and may even fall to no markets requiring TB-133 prior to 2021.  Champion will provide limited options for these few remaining markets for a short period, and then will no longer support the TB-133 standard.

Note that TB-133 recliners traditionally have utilized flame retardants (FRs) in the vinyl in order to meet the standard.  Textile manufacturers are rapidly eliminating materials that contain FRs, and availability is expected to go to near zero by the end of 2021.  Clients in CA, ME, NH; and the cities of Washington D.C, and Anchorage AK have statutes (see California AB2998) prohibiting FR chemicals of all kinds.  We reasonably expect that the remaining geographic markets in the U.S. will also ban these FR materials in the near future.


Champion will cease production of all products and service components that meet the rescinded California TB-133 standard by January 2021; and will remove ALL flame retardants from all upholstered products by January 2021.