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Premium Patient Seating Adds Style and Comfort

A new build or remodel isn’t complete after construction — interior design is the finishing touch that brings architecture to life. Choosing Champion products is the first step in creating a welcoming, nurturing environment for patients and caregivers alike.

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At Champion, we strive to provide the highest quality, most functional, and best-looking medical seating in the world, making us THE Healthcare Seating Company.

Our medical seating products are beautiful, functional, and optimized for superior patient and caregiver experience. Our designs are a true blend of form and function to create remarkable human-centric medical seating. We strive to continuously perfect our approach to patient seating, helping push the healthcare industry toward an inclusive and inspired standard.

Why choose Champion for your new facility?

More than 30 years of experience in the healthcare market

Healthcare chairs optimized for patients and providers

Constant innovation in design and engineering

We design our healthcare chairs with style in mind

Champion Chairs are custom-built in the United States with a variety of performance fabrics, finishes, accessories, and features to fit any style or budget. For additional fabric options, please see our partners’ offerings at Stinson Fabrics, Momentum Fabrics, Omnova Fabrics, and Spradling Fabrics.

Champion Chairs:

  • Help reduce repetitive strain
  • Support patient and caregiver safety
  • Strive to improve the caregiver experience
  • Combine modern style with timeless comfort

Your facility deserves gorgeous, person-centered medical seating.
That’s what you will get with a Champion chair.

Product Highlight

Meet the Alō

The Alō recliner is our premium choice for patient seating in oncology and infusion. With a homey aesthetic and built-in amenities, the Alō is more than a chair: it’s both a comfortable refuge and a powerful tool for healing.

The Alō Recovery

helps caregivers more easily reach patients, reducing their likelihood of back strain.

The Alō Treatment

offers exceptional comfort to make long treatments seem shorter.

Medical recliner chairs with all the features you need to improve your patients’ experience

Are You Ready to Innovate Your Environment?

Give your patients and staff the nourishing support they deserve with the Alō and other premium medical furniture designs from Champion.

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How to buy our medical recliner chairs

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