Anticipated Product Life

Champion Manufacturing Inc. continues to strive to be an industry leader for healthcare products and related service needs. 

As an industry leader, our goal is to make recliners that are effective for both patients and staff. With that in mind, Champion has determined eight (8) years to be the expected life cycle on our medical recliners. If your chairs are 8+ years old, we ask that you please refer to our FAQ section below to determine your next steps in the life cycle of your Champion chairs.

The industry standard limits service and replacement parts to chairs within their useful life. Champion has created a program to evaluate your chairs to determine if a life cycle extension would be appropriate. 

If a facility does not attain a life cycle extension:

  • Effective March 31, 2019, Champion will no longer be servicing or providing replacement parts for chairs that are ten (10) years old or older. 
  • Effective January 1, 2020, Champion will no longer be servicing or providing replacement parts for chairs that are nine (9) years old or older.
  • Effective January 1, 2021, Champion will no longer be servicing or providing replacement parts for chairs that are eight (8) years old or older.

Not sure how old your Champion Chair is?

  1. Go to the back of your Champion chair to locate the serial number.
  2. Refer to the chart below once your serial number is located for the estimated life cycle.
  3. Call 1-800-988-5018 to talk to a Champion Customer Care representative.
  4. The Champion representative will walk you through whether or not you need to schedule an audit, or if you have more time before your recliner's life cycle is nearing it's completion.


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Life Cycle FAQs:

  • Why is there an estimated life cycle on Champion seating products?

    • Defining the lifecycle of a medical device is a critical part of the product realization process described in the FDA regulations and ISO standards. For example, the life cycle concept is integrated into the design, development, and post production phases of a product. It is also needed to establish document retention requirements, and is a key element of the risk management process. The end result is to aid in patient safety.

  • How did Champion determine 8 years as a reasonable estimated life cycle?

    • The lifetime determination was influenced by many different factors such as the product’s use profile, customer requirements, anticipated regulatory obligations, test results, estimated material degradation rates, anticipated spare part availability, product use experience and our Risk Assessment process.

  • Why don’t other seating providers disclose their estimated life cycle?

    • This question should be directed to those providers.

  • You gave me parts last month on my 10-year old chairs, now you are saying I can’t get parts?

    • Yes, we had to set a date to begin the life of the chair program, but you do have options.  

      • We can provide a quote for replacing your chairs that are beyond their useful life.

  • Is there another way to obtain parts, instead of through Champion?

    • No. Any third-party tech service will purchase their parts through us and will have the same restrictions for servicing chairs.

  • What if my chairs are 8+ years old?

    • If your chairs are determined by your staff not to need parts or to be repaired, you will likely need to determine if use of the chair is appropriate. For instance, you may review your internal processes and/or consult your risk manager and/or technical team concerning use of medical device beyond their stated useful life.

    • We can provide a quote for replacing your chairs that are beyond their useful life.

  • Who do I contact to find out how old my chairs are?

    • The serial number of the chair is located on the back of the chair on the bottom left. Follow the steps listed above on this page to determine the age of your chair. If you have questions, please contact Champion Customer Care at:800-998-5018.
  • When does the 8-year period start? When you ship them, or when I put them in service?

    • The 8-year date begins on the date that the chairs leave our production facility. We can help you determine the age of your chairs by following the steps listed above.
  • I hear Champion has a roll out program that eventually works towards 8 years, please explain.

    • March 31, 2019: Any chair 10+ years-old will need an audit.
    • January 1, 2020: Any chair 9+ years-old will need an audit.
    • January 1, 2021: Any chair 8+ years-old will need an audit.
  • My old chairs are in great shape, can I get an extension on the estimated life cycle?

    • Contact our Customer Care team, for more information. 
  • How long is the extension good for?

    • The extension is good for 3 years.
  • How many extensions can I obtain?

    • Only one extension per chair will be provided.
  • If I get an extension, does Champion guarantee available parts for the extension period?

    • Champion cannot guarantee all parts will be available during the extension period.