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The Champion Experience

One Patient, One Surface® from admission to discharge


Enhancing Caregiver Safety.

Champion understands the importance of form and function. We design our medical products to enable providers to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

surgical setting

Surgical Spaces are Constantly Innovating. So Are We.

Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Outpatient Surgery departments are evolving and so are our products. With the addition of TransMotion, we are able to offer a more robust assortment of medical products to meet your specific application requirements.


Options and Accessories Create a Universal Patient Platform

Options like seat tilt, seat width, column height combined with accessories such as a surgical hand table, arm boards, foot pedals, and more let you create a patient platform that fits the needs of your facility, staff, and patients.

Leading the Way in Innovation and Quality.


The Right Chair for Any Clinical Setting.