Options & Accessories for Chairs

Customize comfort with these handy accessories and options.

Product Options

STANDARD UPHOLSTERY: Champion's standard materials feature many popular colors.
CF STINSON COLLECTION: Browse our graded-in materials from CF Stinson.
CENTRAL-LOCKING CASTER SYSTEM: Quick and efficient way to lock all casters. Available on the 85 Series, 86 Series XL, Ascent, Ascent XL, Ascent II, and Ascent II XL recliners.
HEAT AND MASSAGE: The tabletop switch is easily accessible to patients and caregivers providing three warmth and four massage levels for true comfort.
WARMING SYSTEM: Presets of 95º, 100º or 105º F comforts with gentle warmth without overheating. Auto-shutoff helps control costs.
BACK STEERING CASTERS: Maneuvering chairs down long hallways is far easier with back steering casters. Only available for the 5" thermoplastic caster.
FOOT TRAY: Quickly release a hidden footrest to comfort your shorter patients.
BREAKAWAY ARMS: Make it easier to transfer patients to and from a wheelchair or bed with our breakaway arms. It also gives caregivers easier access to patients during treatment.
PUSH HANDLE: Push handle on behind chair back is all steel and durable.


Patient Comfort

HEAD PILLOW: Can also provide adjustable lumbar support when head pillow is moved down. Large strap holds secure. Logo emboss optional.
CUSHION WEDGE: Rests on seat beside chair armrest. Provides additional arm cushion surface.
NOCTURNAL SLEEP PAD: Converts Classic recliner into sleeper by providing a flat, comfortable sleep surface. Easy to install, clean and store.

SLEEP GUARDS: Removable sleep rails provide security to both patient and caregiver for overnight treatments. For recliners with fixed arms. 

BRK SLEEP GUARDS: Removable sleep rails for recliners with break-away arm tops.

FOOT REST EXTENDER: Comfortable support for taller patients’ feet when in full recline position.

Patient Convenience

PERSONAL ITEMS STORAGE BAG AND HOOK: Store multiple personal items in one convenient bag, along with stainless steel hook.

Please note that a hook for a Foley bag will be located in the lower front arm panel (picture coming soon).

TABLET HOLDER: Fully articulating for full range of movement, designed to support lightweight electronics.  Can be used by patient or caregiver.  Tablet not included.

TV/MONITOR MOUNT: Universal VESA mount with integral wire raceways to hide cords from monitor.  Articulating arm has adjustable counter-balance system that allows for full range of movement. TV/monitor not included.



PUSH HANDLE COVER: Covers and protects push handle, protects wall surfaces. Black.

HEAD FLAP PROTECTOR: Protects seat back, extending life of recliner. Double-sided extends wear of flap. Logo emboss optional.

ARM COVERS: Minimize wear-and-tear on recliner arms. Easy to clean.

PAPER ROLL DISPENSER: Our dispenser attaches securely to the rear push handle of your chair and allows caregivers to quickly dispense antimicrobial paper. A vinyl strap, that is color-coordinated with your chair, secures the paper to your chair and positions it for maximum patient comfort.


ARTICULATING TABLE: Additional table for the Continuum recliner and all Ascent, Ascent XL, Ascent II and Ascent II XL models. Black or grey.
FOLD-AWAY TABLE (with cupholder): Cupholder for fold-away tables. Order with table.
BLACK FOLD-AWAY TABLE (with cupholder): Available for the Passage and Continuum recliners only.
BLACK OVER-THE-LAP TRAY: Tray has slightly curved design. Use with Passage, Classic and Ascent models. Black only.
CUPHOLDER: Rotates 360°. Easily accessible and easy storage. Gray.

IV and Oxygen Tank Holder

OXYGEN TANK HOLDER: Holds most oxygen tanks or O2 Concentrators, mounts to any chair.
IV POLE, 2 & 4-HOOK: Extendable IV poles are easily mounted to the recliner, or simple to use in a rolling base.
IV BRACKET: Bracket attaches IV pole to recliner. Saves floor space and eliminates separate IV equipment when moving patient.
IV ROLLING BASE: IV poles lock securely into this five-caster base.